I write less than I would like.

  • How to Set up FaunaDB for local development

    FaunaDB is a serverless database that is an ideal choice for serverless applications, because it has the same benefits as the latter: auto-scaling, pay-for-what-you-use billing, not requiring server configuration or maintenance. FaunaDB accomplishes this by executing database operations via calls to its HTTP API rather than maintaining a connection to a database server.

  • Machine Learning Outside the Kaggle Lines

    Kaggle competitions are great, but what do you do when you have a cool idea for your own machine-learning project? Learn about all the dirty data, bugs of others, and keeping it all running, when building from zero to production. Hear about the mistakes that I’ve made so you can avoid them yourself.

  • Highlights from PyCon AU 2019

    I recently attended PyCon Australia, which was my first Python conference anywhere and only my second proper tech conference, but I can state, despite the small sample size, with confidence that PyCon AU 2019 was a great conference. Below are some personal highlights from last weekend.

  • Docker, Django, React: Building Assets and Deploying to Heroku

    Now that we have our app humming like a ‘69 Mustang Shelby GT500 in our local environment, doing hot-reloading donuts all over the parking lot, it’s time to deploy that bad boy, so the whole world can find out how many characters there are in all their favourite phrases. In order to deploy this app to production, we’ll need to...